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F. Caperton Morton

Executive Producer


Cow Hill Productions

F. Caperton Morton, an award-winning audio documentarian and storyteller, is the producer, writer, and host of Sweet Stories in the Dell, a podcast produced in collaboration with Sweet Briar College, a women's college located in Virginia. The final two episodes examine the legacy of the "invisible founders" of the college from the Sweetbrier Planation's enslaved community and the last episode examines the influence of Ralph Adams Cram, a well regarded architect, whose designs for the Sweet Briar campus were heavily influenced by Beaux Arts movement.


Caperton graduated from Sweet Briar College with a BA in English and Creative Writing. She also received her Continuing Education Certificate of Documentary Arts in 2016 at the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University. There, she studied with John Biewen, audio program director at the CDS, and Phoebe Judge, co-creator of the podcast Criminal. Caperton won awards at the 2017 Telling Tales International Film & Audio Documentary Festival in Manchester, England: Best International Student Audio Award - An Artist's Journey: To Cameroon and Back. and 2018 Telling Tales International Film & Audio Documentary Festival: Best International Student Audio Award, Portrait of an American Shepherd. (I wasn’t technically a student, but that’s the category where the festival director placed my piece since I produced while under the mentorship of Barry Lam, executive producer of the podcast Hi-Phi Nation.)


Caperton is currently producing stories for Unfolding a Story, the podcast she will launch in the near future. It’s about the passions people have for one thing or another. Production of the upcoming episodes has taken her to Grand Bahama where a particular artist has gathered other artists to draw attention to the affects Hurricane Dorian had on the island and how global warming affects it too. 

Caperton also went to Nepal while working on a story about a young woman, a 2023 Sweet Briar graduate, who grew up in a begger camp in Kathmandu. She connected with the founder of Quilts for Kids Nepal, a non-profit organization that helps provide education for the girls of her community, and together with her passion for education she found the freedom to chart her own course to her future.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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