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Cow Hill Productions produces stories for clients who want to share the passions behind what makes them unique. Executive Producer F. Caperton Morton composes stories from four audio storytelling elements: ambient audio she records; interviews she conducts, records, and edits; appropriate music and related archival audio she finds; and the narration she writes. She places these elements with an ear for excellence in regard to audio levels, story continuity, and musicality. Productions can be one story that highlights a milestone or an anniversary or chapters of stories told through podcasting, which she hosts.

Caperton designed the Cow Hill Productions logo and took each photograph on the website.

Welcome to

Cow Hill Productions

The name, Cow Hill, is inspired by a knoll on the family farm of Executive Producer F. Caperton Morton, where the cattle gather in the evening. Family and friends also gather in the old home’s yard to soak up this bucolic scene while reflecting on the satisfactions of a day well spent.

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